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About Us

55 years old Mr. Soo Kok San ventured into the lathe machine business with his friend in 1973 when he was 19 years old. Started from scratches Mr.Soo used his house in Buntong Village as his work site to start his business. In those days,although there was much business in repairing lathe machines,the earning was little and the profit was even less. It was considered as fortunate if he could earn enough for the day.

Mistakes could not be made during such difficult time. Mr. Soo worked earnestly to comply with all his customers’ demand. He knew for sure that lathe machine or any other machinery must have strong structure to be able to function smoothly. Hence, all those lathe machine and other machinery repaired or produced by Mr. Soo were good and perfect. If he happened to miscalculate and incur losses, he would bear the losses to uphold his trustworthiness. After 36 years in the business as his trustworthiness getting well known, his business blooms too.
In 1976, 3 years after he started off his business he teamed up with his friends to expand business in producing and repairing machinery. In 1983 he set up Kok San Engineering Works on his own. Although there was an economic crisis on the following years from 1 984 to 1985, it did not affect the functioning of the company. It was because the machinery repaired and produced by Kok San Engineering Works was mainly for agricultural purposes and was not affected by the downturn. As a result his business increased Mr. Soo bought a factory in 1991 in the Silibin industrial Area in lpoh to extend his business. After the new factory was build in 1993,  Kok San Engineering Works Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated to prepare for future development. Other than the existing business in lathe machine ,it ventured into reconstructing machinery and produced green house accessories. The change had really bolstered up development of the company. The company's multi creation of unique models of machinery included the Coconut Milk Extractor which had 4 functions from peeling the external fibre of the Coconut breaking its husk, crushing its kernel to squashing the coconut milk. It is made from stainless steel and is a special product of the company. The Sugar Cane Extractor is one of the most sought—after machinery in Malaysia that Mr. Soo had continuously upgraded since he started his career.

To produce the green house accessories was another main function of the company. It all began more than 10 years ago when Mr. Soo had to go to Cameron Highlands frequently to install water pumps and electricity generators for the farmers. When he noticed that all the vegetables and flowers were planted in open air, he conceived the idea of building green house. Mr. Soo and his friends went to Taiwan to study and acquire the related knowledge and technique. He improved on it after he returned. He changed the green house accessories from the former simple structure to the more advanced gutter structure to overcome the obstacles in construction. This new technique proved to be very effective and popular in Cameron Highlands this brought more success to the company. Mr. Soo said frankly that to achieve success swiftly in producing green house accessories depended on the combination of opportunity,good timing, place and human relations. He said that opportunity and place came from Cameron Highlands while human relations he had to thank PCCCl Vice President Mr. Liew Chee Ming for his guidance. He found the 5 metre bending machines which caused a big leap in building the green house gutters and led the company to take off to higher ground.  Another factor which spurred the rapid development of the building process.

While the company was in rapid progress, there was another economic crisis in 1997. At that time, the company had invested heavily in machinery development, especially in computerized CNC lathe machine. As a result, the economic crisis had affected the function of the company but it managed to overcome it finally. In the new millennium of 2003, the company progressed further by investing in the bi-development of repairing machinery and trading . Other than adding one more factory at the original site, a shop house in lpoh old town was purchased for direct trading. The direct operations of the new company was managed by his son. Under the join functions of engineering repair works and trading. The company expanded rapidly. A neighbouring factory lot at the original site was bought in 2005. The fourth factory was building next to it in 2006.

Kok San wins with Trustworthiness, Perseverance and Good Reputaion.The economic crisis in 2008 just passed over because of Mr. Soo’s hard work, trustworthiness and the cooperation of his family. It was opportune that he bought a building at Jalan Lahat to exhibit his food processing machines like soy bean grinder , flour mixer, oven,  fish ball foaming machine, noodle processing machine, baking machine, etc.

Mr.Soo, together with his eldest son, Mr.Soo Kam Soon and second son Mr. Soo Kam Sing have pushed the company to another new height. In 2010, it will mark another milestone.


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